Gorilla Chases Astronauts In Space!

Yes, you read the title correctly, a wild gorilla some how got on to a space shuttle, the crazed and violent animal proceeded to chase the astronauts, around the shuttle.

The video begins with, what looks like a blow up mattress in the middle of the space station. Two seconds into the video the gorilla erupts out of the packaging, it stumbles for a second until the animal gets used to zero gravity in space.


The confused and angry ape immediately goes to the cabin in the back in search of the people who put it in this predicament. An Astronaut is spotted rushing in to the camera view trying to run away from the gorilla hot on his heels.

The video was leaked online by Mark Kelly, worried brother of Scott Kelly an Astronaut on board the shuttle at the time of the surprise attack. An obvious, embarrassing situation for NASA, they have not released any public information about the incident since the video has leaked online.


Reports are undisclosed, if there were any injuries or fatalities due to the frightening gorilla attack. If you have any information about how the gorilla may have got on board the space station please contact NASA through their Twitter account @NASA

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