20 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong All Along

19. Wrap your room temperature drink with a wet towel, stick it in the fridge, and you’ll increase the rate of cooling.


18. Put this tension rods to use, and make more room in your supply closet. 


17. Instead of stacking your drinks in the fridge one by one, use the original box and save yourself some time!


16. Don’t let your fingers endure the pain of opening a key ring. Let the stapler do the work for you!





15. The coffee cup tabs that keep the drink portal closed can actually fold back into the cup and be secured in place. 


14. Save yourself some trouble (and spills) by sticking your wooden spoon inside the handle of your pot when you’re not using it. 


13. Keep the taco building process cleaner and more efficient by using a fork. 


12. The struggle of reaching to the very bottom of a Pringles container can be prevented… by a single piece of paper. 


11. If it’s too much stress on your fingers, just use a keychain bottle opener to crack that can open. 


10. When flattened, the frozen choice of protein will definitely thaw more quickly. 


9. The sticky end is meant to go on the side, and the peeling process is more efficient when done horizontally. 


8. Make your junk food sesh a classy one! Turn the bag into a nice bowl. 


7. Aluminum foil boxes have tabs on the side to help keep the roll in place and making the process of obtaining a piece of foil much easier. 


6. Lay your food out evenly before heating so you don’t end up getting a half hot and half cold plate.





5. Pillow case or linen case? Why not both?


4. The kitchen is the safe haven for food, and the cooking/baking process is a form of art to many. Make your studio/haven more roomy, save yourself some space and place the cutting board in the drawer.


3. Slice your loaf of bread upside down for precise, clean slices. 


2. Who says a can opener can only be used to open cans?


1. Save yourself the bad taste and don’t risk drinking a patch of old coffee again.