How Good Is Your Vision? Solve This In 10 Seconds!


2.  Let’s step it up a bit. Try to find the “E” among the letter “F”s!

Any luck?

3. On to the next one, don’t give up! Where’s the letter the “Y” in this photo?

One person, one letter, 10 seconds. Did you find it?

4. Let’s spice things up with some numbers. Try to find the number 3 among all these numbers. 

If you got it, give yourself a pat on the back!

5. The optical challenge is coming along. Try to find the “V” among the “W”s

Tick tock, did you get it?

6. Now find the “M” among the same pool of letters. 

There it is!

7. It’s getting a little tricky. Can you find the “i” in this mess of “j”‘s and exclamation points?

That one was a little stressful on the eyes, Did you get it?

8. Last one, find the “l” among this pool of 1’s. C’mon, you can do it! Almost done!

There it is! Give yourself a huge pat on the back for pushing it through. What an accomplishment!