Top 24 Funniest Celebrity Fails Ever

2. When 50 cent was given the opportunity to throw a baseball during a New York Mets baseball game, he all put succeeded. Instead of getting the ball to the pitcher, he actually ended up getting it straight to the camera men. It probably wasn’t the best moment for his ego.


3. Many performers are fan of props when they own the stage. Katy Perry’s choice in a giant cake ended up backfiring when she belly flopped straight into the cake at the MTV Latin Awards and continued to slip on the icing throughout the rest of the night.


4. “Saturday Night Live” is all about improvising. Ashlee Simpson was not the best candidate for acting on the spot. When technical difficulties revealed her lip synching, she did all but successfully cover it up. Her awkward dance moves and weird gestures did not really cover up the embarrassing gestures.

5. Zac Efron did the unexpected when he dropped a condom on the ground as all eyes were on him on the red carpet. Efron was making an appearance at the premiere of his new movie, The Lorax, when he reached for something in his pocket and ended up dropping the last of his pride on the ground.

6. John Trovolta was doing great at introducing Idina Menzel to perform her hit from Disney’s Frozen at the 86th Academy Awards… until he said her name. He managed to completely butcher her name, introducing her as “Adele Dazim.” It’s the thought that counts!


7. There are some days that we really feel like we have two left feet. That must have been the case for Scarlett Johansson when she had a special moment with the floor while in Glasgow, Scotland. One of the sacrifices of being a sought out actress in the spotlight? The paparazzi catches everything. Hey, at least we got a good meme out of it.


8. We know (from previous experiences) that Madonna is a little to friendly… and while we love her for it, Drake surely doesn’t. The duo’s shared kiss couldn’t have been more awkward considering Drake’s less than flattered reaction to the swapping of saliva.

9. Sometimes the performers can get really carried away with the power of their adrenaline on the stage. Such was the case with Megan Trainor on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. At least the mic broke her fall.

 10. When you’ve been performing as long as Madonna, you’re bound to have a few falls. Madonna fell victim (literally) to her extravagant costume when performing at the annual BRIT Awards ceremony.




11. Justin Bieber took a serious fall in his concert in Saskatoon. Fans went from cheering to gasping to laughing all in one night. Looks like the poster was so focused on fixing his pants, he completely missed the hold in the ground in front of him. It looks absolutely painful but we got to admit, it makes a good meme.


12. Heels are hard enough to deal with as it is. I don’t know why Demi Lovato thought it was a good idea to mix the already existing struggle with something as slippery as water. Demi lost her cool when she was performing her hit, “Cool For The Summer”, slipping and planting on the floor in front of the fans


13. Another Demi slip-up! This one’s just a matter of misunderstanding. When asked what her favorite dish was, Demi responded saying “I like mugs because they’re very comfortable in your hand and they hold the hot things that you don’t have to touch.” I’m not exactly sure that’s what the interviewer meant, but good to know!


14. This is possibly the cutest mishap yet. Niall Horan was carrying some golf equipment when he got caught up in an interview. The equipment must have been a little too heavy for him, considering he lost his balance and took a tumble in front of the cameras. Not a big deal, the Masters Gold Tournament only has millions of viewers.


15. Heels pose quite the challenge to your balance, but John Barrowman couldn’t even use that excuse… he was sitting! I guess when he put on those heels on “Loose Women”, he got that confidence boost most girls get, causing him to lean back a little too much and simply tip over.


16. Kristen Stewart has always been quite the interesting character. Her clumsiness was out for everyone to see when she dropped her award for Twilight at the MTV Movie Awards. That popcorn award made her quite the butter fingers!


17. Celebrities are normal people too! You can see this very awkward but very human moment between Naomi Watts and Emma Stone at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. We can see Stone mouthing “sorry” in response to Watts tripping over her dress.


18. Jonas Brothers worked up quite the storm in the 2000s. The three brothers stole the hearts of millions of teens, simply by being their goofy, charismatic selves. They made quite the entrance at the 2007 American Music Awards, when Joe lost the Jonas cool and tripped and fell to his knees. He didn’t let the incident phase him. Joe managed to push the embarrassment aside and continue his performance.


19. Some wardrobe malfunctions are more intense than others. Such was the case at the 2014 MTV VMAs when Nicki Minaj’s zipper dress completely split open during her performance of “Bang Bang” with Ariana Grande and Jessie J. Leave it to Nicki to remain calm and collected as she plays off the unplanned misfortune like a new trend.


20. We understand Emma Stone’s love for Damien Chazelle. After all, La La Landended up being a huge success and he should be admired for his hard work… just not while he’s in the middle of kissing his wife. Talk about an awkward moment.

21. This one made quite a few headlines. Sometimes performers really get into their own music. The lyrics can be so captivating that they may end up forgetting where the stage ends. Such was the case with Iggy Azalea. The rapper went plummeting toward the ground when she was rehearsing prior to the show. Surely enough, she didn’t make that mistake twice. She was extra aware during the real performance. Better when practicing than in front of live television, right?


22. Sometimes performers really inflict the pain and embarrassment on themselves. P!ink thought having a harness was a good idea, but clearly she didn’t stick the landing and ended up having quite a tumble.

23. Lady Gaga, I know you want to Just Dance, but you might want to tone down the air guitar. One wrong move, and you’ll lose that Pokerface. Worst part? You never know when the Paparazzi’s going to catch the scene on camera!


24. This might be the funniest, but most tragic one of all. Boybands have quite a young fan base, and more times than not, these fans believe that the only (best) way to show their love is by throwing things on stage. Here’s one girl that had exceptional aim. Let’s not even talk about the fact that she chose a shoe (of all things) to throw on stage, and address the fact that it ended up hitting Harry Styles where the sun doesn’t shine. Judging from his reaction, it must not have been among his top five favorite moments on stage.