10 Photos Of The World’s Fattest Woman


Sunzanne is 33 years old, and engaged with two kids. She is also a model “supersized big beautiful women” websites. This is a picture of her husband feeding her in bed.



Her fiances name is Patrick Clark, they met on an online dating website. Mr. Clark love cooking for his wife Suzanne. She eats 5-6 full plates of food every seating.



Suzanne enjoys doing some casual yoga on her own time. She loves to do a little stretching in the morning and before she sleeps.




Suzanne also loves to do aerobics at the comfort of her own home. Aerobics calm her and make her comfortable.



Patrick Clark and Suzanne Eman are deeply in love and always talk about how they can never be with anyone else.



This is a picture of Patrick Clark clipping her toe nails, because she is not able to bend over and do it herself.



Patrick Clark talks about how love comes in all different shapes and sizes and he is deeply in love with Suzanne and can’t wait to spend the rest of his life with her.




When Suzanne goes out to eat she orders about 5-6 different plates of food. This is an average amount of food that she consumes at a single seating.



This is Suzanne Eman and Patrick Clark with their kids. They are one big happy family and they all support each other deeply.