Three “Zombies” Arrested After Restaurant Attack

Three Russian men visiting Pattaya, Thailand have been arrested after performing an elaborate zombie prank in a busy restaurant to allegedly gain valuables from patrons after they scared them away.


The prank started after three of the Russians had paid for and finished their meal. One of the Russians got up and started stumbling around the restaurant making growling and snarling sounds. He then lurched on to his two friends and bit them both.


The two other friends imitated their previous companions actions as the three of them performed their stunt. They began lunging at customers at the restaurant scaring them away. The customers, frightened, ran out of the restaurant leaving their valuable belongings behind.

The employees armed themselves with wooden chairs, attacked the “zombies” and subdued them. The owner contacted the police as he believed that this was an elaborate ploy to steal his patrons goods.


The police arrived in search of the living dead but found three Russians who had transformed back to humans. They were arrested but soon after released as there was no evidence that the trio trying to steal valuables from customers.

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