Wife Confronts Cheating Husband, Sh*t Gets Real

Wife Confronts Cheating Husband, Sh*t Gets RealYoutube

Cheaters never prosper. Especially when they’re caught on video, and that video is shared thousands of times.

In true Jeremy Kyle style, a woman suspects her husband is cheating on her and uses her best friend as bait to see if he’ll cheat again.

And of course, he gets caught as he shows up at the redheaded best friend’s house, hoping for a little fun. Little did he know his wife was hanging out with a video camera, waiting to capture the entire moment for our viewing pleasure.

Playing the ‘I knew this was going to happen’ card, the guy shows no remorse, and she has none of it.

As her soon-to-be ex walks off, she reminds him: “Infidelity in the state of Idaho is a fucking felony, so good luck with that.”

He does point out though that she also cheated on him with a guy called Gerald while she was pregnant. So maybe they’re just as bad as each other…


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